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Amongst Friends - Six friends, but only a single girl among them. It is somewhat expected that one of the boys will make his move sooner or later. The lucky one is Zack, who made a lot of groundwork to soften Misha's resistance, and while the guys go over to check out a new home movie system, Zack's harvest the fruits of his hard work. 05:15

Amongst Friends

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Mom's Cuckold - Sexy Wife's fantasy come to pass as gets to fuck a black man 02:00

Mom's Cuckold

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Kitchen Fuck - A couple is in the kitchen. The guy wants to go to the bedroom for a fuck but the girl wants it there and then so she gets down on her knees to suck his dick.  Later on he eats her pussy and then he fucks her from behind. 00:57

Kitchen Fuck

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Too Big For Teens - Lexi Belle takes on a beefy boomstick in this action video 02:00

Too Big For Teens

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Over The Running River - A boat, two guys and a willing blonde... a perfect equation for a good sex over the river, where there are no prying eyes to see, and everything is allowed. Even better that Angie is open to new things, like to be penetrated through her back entrance, and apparently finds this thing quite amusing. Isn't that great? 05:53

Over The Running River

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Hardcore Bonnie And Clyde - A couple in 1920’s outfit is talking to each other on a bed. A little later both of them a re naked. The guy stretches out on his back and the girl climbs on top of him to mount his dick. Then he lays her on her back to fuck her even deeper. 00:57

Hardcore Bonnie And Clyde

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Cfnm Femdom Roxanne Hall Sucking Cock  - CFNM femdom Roxanne Hall sucking cock 08:00

Cfnm Femdom Roxanne Hall Sucking Cock

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Show Me, Boys! - Naughty little Lola! No question she feels herself great between two guys, with one cock in each hands. But she doesn't stop there. Those tools has a better place, and Lola ask the boys to fill her tight, warm holes, hoping for a perfect DP... and exactly that what she gets! 06:19

Show Me, Boys!

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A Horny Patient - A guy comes home ill. He takes off his shoes and lies down on the bed. A naked girl comes up to him and puts a damp cloth on his forehead. After a cold shower the both of them get on the bed, lick and suck each other and then fuck. 00:58

A Horny Patient

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Too Big For Teens - Cute dark haired girl gets a hard thumping from the pool-man 02:00

Too Big For Teens

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Short Girl Fucking - A guy is talking to a very small redheaded woman. She takes her bathrobe off and reveals her blue undies and stockings. The she lies down on the bed and spreads her legs as far as she can so the guy can climb on top and fuck her. 00:57

Short Girl Fucking

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Naughty By Nature - Candy Waist has born naughty, and kinkiness is in her blood. She uses all turns and chances to show off with her beautiful body, gracing us with tender erotica and a wonderful sight. So please, take a seat, lean back and enjoy whatever Candy will show you! You won't regret it. 07:18

Naughty By Nature

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Too Big For Teens - Hot babe get fucked hard by her plumber's pipe in this video 02:00

Too Big For Teens

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Cfnm Femdom Persia Pele Cuckold Action - Cfnm femdom Persia Pele cuckold action 08:00

Cfnm Femdom Persia Pele Cuckold Action

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Babysitter Diaries #08 - Nympho gets ruff hardcore fucking by a beast of a man. 02:00

Babysitter Diaries #08

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Pool Of Love - It is almost straight from a painter's canvas. The pure, blue sky, the green grass around, the late summer sun dances its last days on the sparkling water of the pool. Love is in the air, and this won't let Zara Jay and Eve untouched. The two beautiful lesbians and their hot romance surely fits to be recorded for the eternity... so we did. 07:04

Pool Of Love

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Outdoor Threesome - A naked guy is alying on the grass with two naked chicks on either side of him. The girls are massaging his dick. Elswhere, another girl is giving another guy a blow job. We then go back to the first scene where one of the girls fucks the guy. 00:58

Outdoor Threesome

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Too Big For Teens - Hot blonde teen selling cookies gets banged by hung stud 02:00

Too Big For Teens

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Shagged The Shrink! - Everyone has problems and maybe a chat with a professional can help a lot. But Victor went way further than a simple stress-releasing chat... he simply shagged his shrink because he doesn't know any better way to let out some of the steam than a good fuck. Good thinking, Victor! 05:10

Shagged The Shrink!

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Camping Threesome - A topless girl is lying on a couch when a guy and another girl start to tickle her, making her scream. A little later the three of them start to kiss and stroke each other. The three of them end up naked on the bed where the two girls lick the guy’s dick. 00:58

Camping Threesome

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Straight From The Pages - This story is about the most basic human needs. A need for love and the need to be loved. Coming alive from the pages, the romance of Kira Queen and Zack blossoms in front of our prying eyes, changing from a silent liking into something more intimate, something more passionate. 05:15

Straight From The Pages

6 days ago with 471 views

Too Big For Teens - Sexy teen redhead loves riding Tommy Gunn's thick pool cue 02:00

Too Big For Teens

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Undress Rehearsal - A man and a woman are doing a dress rehearsal for a wedding while a male choir is singing in the background. When the guy has left the girl takes off her wedding dress and her petticoat, showing her slim body off to the camera. 01:01

Undress Rehearsal

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Cfnm Babe Shae Summers Fucks In Threeway - CFNm babe Shae Summers fucks in threeway 08:00

Cfnm Babe Shae Summers Fucks In Threeway

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Heavy Load - Warehouse workers Keni and Thomas get some arousing distraction from the work in the person of Lindsey Olsen. The girl teases the guys into a lovely threesome, not minding that the tough men fuck her tight asshole and her throat, giving her some heavy load to deal with. 06:33

Heavy Load

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Creamy Pussy - A Latina girl is lying on the bed with her legs spread wide while a white man is licking her pussy, shoving his fingers inside her. He then lifts her behind and starts to fuck her hard. The girl is so horny her juices are visible on her pussy. 00:58

Creamy Pussy

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Pornstar Athletics - Bitch with huge tits can't play sports but can surely fuck. 02:00

Pornstar Athletics

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Femdom Sienna West In Cool Foursome - Femdom Sienna West in cool foursome 08:00

Femdom Sienna West In Cool Foursome

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Sunshine Erotica - Let's step into the glamorous world of erotica, where the grass is always green, the sun is always shining and the girls are always horny. The amazingly hot Iwia, after taking a stroll in the garden, strips away her cloths and pleasures herself to a screaming climax, right there, under the endless blue sky, and in front of curious cameras. 05:12

Sunshine Erotica

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Pornstar Athletics - Horny brunette with huge tits gets nailed in the gym. 02:00

Pornstar Athletics

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