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Cougar Milf And Teen Fucked Doggystyle

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Milf Mama Teaches Teen How To Fuck

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Bigtit Milf And Teen Fucked Doggystyle

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Milf And Stepdaughter Get A Massage

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Mature Milf Licking Up Stepsons Cum

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British Streetslut Shagged - Well, my cunning plan worked. Being a master of illusion it was possible for me to depart as Jimmy Saveloy and shortly thereafter reappear as that dapper man about town, Jim Slip. Well to be honest, either Jewel was completely daft or simply playing along, because she didn't seem to realise both Lord Saveloy and myself were one and the same! Anyway, after donning red fish-nets and thigh high boots (Not me of course), we settled down to some serious shagging Jim Slip style. God this girl is sexy! 02:47

British Streetslut Shagged

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Banging A Ballerina - In order to function as an “International Pornstar and Man of Mystery”, one must acquaint oneself with some of the most appalling sleazebags. One such notary, by name of Gustav, (Picture a cross between Fagin and Gollum) I met in Budapest, plying his evil trade outside a public toilet. He introduced me to the gorgeous Alexa, who was studying ballet at the Academy. Well to my shock, she turned up wearing her tutu together with sexy stockings, under her coat. Well, I’m glad to see that the world of ballet, has decided to go down the Jim Slip slutty route at last. So, after much lobbying by moi, you may be able to see performances at the Royal Opera House, such as Swan Lake, with ballerinas wearing stockings and suspenders under their tutu’s. Anyway, settle down and see the truly flexible Alexa get a good hard fucking, well at least that’s what she did to me. 02:37

Banging A Ballerina

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Streetslut Loves The Cock - Stumbled on this babe, whilst cruising the streets, in my endless search for new young flesh. At first, Summer (As we will refer to her) was very suspicious of my, “Competition”, but the thought of all that wonga, soon, turned her to the Dark Side. She chose some sexy clobber from my treasure chest and we had a very good time indeed, if not a little, quiet. This is quite normal for normal girls. So think nothing of it, you see, out there in the world of porn, most of the girls scream and shout with ecstasy………..before you’ve even touched them! So a lot of noise never convinces me of anything at all. 01:00

Streetslut Loves The Cock

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Priest Fucking Girls - That preacher of fire and brimstone, the Rev.Thring is back again. This time begging for forgiveness from Lara for his 02:37

Priest Fucking Girls

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Masturbating British - I'm afraid that this week's babe is so damn cute, I couldn't fit her cuteness into a one week update. Just the stripey knee-high's got me going to start with, I mean, fancy a girl wearing something like stripey knee-highs underneath her trousers, what's the world coming to? Anyway, getting her on the bed, for her preliminary bout of camcorder fun, seemed to drive her sex mad and I had to fight her off getting her hands on my dick......for a full 30 seconds! So settle back and enjoy a closeup view of a babe desperate for cock! 02:18

Masturbating British

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British Bimbo Fucked

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Hot Matures Banged Hard - Hot Impressive Matures film starring Virginia, Jerry, Adam. 07:12

Hot Matures Banged Hard

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Lara Giving A Striptease - We found the lovely Lara on the side of the river making photographs. For a 100.000 Forints she was very willing to follow us to the studio where whe showed her ultra short miniskirt and her bright pink bra off before I could lay my hands on her and fuck my eyeballs out. She was pretty good at blow jobs too: If I hadn't stopped her in time I would have come before we even started filming! 02:48

Lara Giving A Striptease

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Lara, Picked Up From The Street - Meet the lovely Lara, one of the girls we discovered on the streets here. She is sexy, has a radiant smile and a body that would make any warm blooded male drool. And a lot of females too come to think of it. Anyway, she fucked like mad, trying to eat my dick with her cunt. I was just groping around in her female flesh, trying not too cum too soon! 02:42

Lara, Picked Up From The Street

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Threesome With A Dildo - It never is very easy to pick up girls from the street and this time we thought we were out of luck again as the lady didn't seem to have time fot us. When she found out about the cash she could earn she changed her mind though and not much later I was fucking her from behind while she used a dildo on her cunt! 02:24

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A Striptease By Candy - We were roaming the streets looking for new girls when we came across Candy. She is a student and she had an hour to spare before she had to go back to college and didn't mind showing her body off in front of our camera. And boy, what a beautiful body it was. She sure made my cock stand up! 02:38

A Striptease By Candy

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Linda Gets Spanked - We're back on the streets in Hungary again where we meet Linda, a lovely blond teenager. Linda loves to be spanked as well as fucked so we took her to our place where she demonstrated how she masturbates before Jim fucked her in various positions! 03:00

Linda Gets Spanked

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Candy's Street Seduction - Candy, a young, blond teenager, is picked up from the street to have sex for money. Dressed in blue miniskirt and white stockings she gives our man an extensive blow job before he fucks her in various positions on the bed - which is squeaking louder and louder! 03:02

Candy's Street Seduction

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Hot Asians Gals Videos

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Redhead On High Heels - The next victim of Jim Slips street seduction is this wonderful redhead who, dressed in high heels and stockings, did a great performance. She sucked and fucked, encouraging us to go deeper and deeper at the top of her voice! 01:28

Redhead On High Heels

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Girl Picked Up From The Street - A girl in a car is approached by a man with a camera and asked to do a sex movie. First she gives him an extensive blow job and then she gets fucked by him on the couch until she comes, screaming with pleasure. 01:51

Girl Picked Up From The Street

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Young Anal Slut - A young girl who sits in a car is approached by Jim Slip and invited to a challenge, meaning that she has to join him in his studio and get fucked. The girl changes into a schoolgirls outfit and gets fucked in her pussy and up her ass. 01:45

Young Anal Slut

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The Rented Girl - The cameraman meets up with a pimp, looking for a girl. At the hotel room a girl called Madison appears. She is wearing an ultra short miniskirt that she lifts up in order to show her pussy and masturbate. 01:50

The Rented Girl

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Screwing Matures

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