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Speared Inside Both Her Tunnels - Sexy stockings mature slut Claudia Adams having dual penetrated. 07:11

Speared Inside Both Her Tunnels

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Amazing Feats Of Engineering And Sex - There's something for everyone at ­Something for every MILF lover, that is. And here's something special: the first video of Minka, long-time SCORE favorite and one of the bustiest ladies of all time. This video is a bit unusual for in that at the start, Minka puts on a bra show, modeling her incredible boulder holder that could probably hold up a suspension bridge. It's a unique look at an amazing piece of engineering, and Minka talks us through the demonstration in her sexy, horny, fuck-me voice. Of course, before long, the bra comes off and Minka starts doing what she does best: sucking and fucking. Enjoy Minka, big-tit-loving MILF men. She's something special. 00:59

Amazing Feats Of Engineering And Sex

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Doing It On A Dare - Dani Dare, a housewife and porn-star wannabe from Virginia, takes another major step on the path to porn stardom by showing off her fucking and sucking skills in live action. We think you'll agree that her blow-job technique is outstanding. There are times when she's sucking the guy's cock and there's absolutely no separation between her mouth and his crotch. That's very impressive. In this video, Dani is a horny wife whose husband isn't home, so she makes a booty call. The guy comes right over, and before he can say a word, she's on her knees, blowing his dick. 00:40

Doing It On A Dare

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Picked Up On The Train - Lou spoke very good English and I managed to get her to make a detour to , Chez Moi, for some hardcore porno action in return for hard cash! Naturally, the thought of getting paid, in proper currency, rather than in Euros, made all the difference... 02:45

Picked Up On The Train

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Chubby Mature Fuck - We have that chubby mature hottie Shoshanna inside that sizzling vid having her fuzz box fix. Check out her as she rocks her stud dick like theres no tomorrow and enjoying every single stroke of this cock in her! 06:13

Chubby Mature Fuck

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A Bird Watcher Nabs A Bird Watcher - A girl in a black dress and red, knee high boots enters the rom and is admired by Jim Slip. She bends over and jerks him off while he plays with her pussy. Then he fucks her in various positions until he comes in her mouth. 02:20

A Bird Watcher Nabs A Bird Watcher

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Put It In The Hole! - 40SomethingMag: Did you ever play golf professionally?Persia: I never played on the LPGA tour. I played in some futures events, but I played a high level of amateur golf. I've won the Trans National, and I played in the Western. I never went to LPGA qualifying school, but I played in the U.S. Amateur qualifier. I feel I'm good enough to be a pro. I'm a five-handicap.40Something: Have you ever thought about teaching golf?Persia: Yeah. I give topless golf tips! And I'm making a nude golf video. I'm combining my two passions, golf and sex. I think it'll make a gazillion dollars and it's something nobody else can really do. Because even if they wanted to, here's the problem: If someone on the tour, like Cristie Kerr, really wanted to do that, take her top off, it would destroy her career. It's such a conservative game and it would just destroy someone. It's really unfair. For example, I'm going to fuck Seth on the set today. He's a Marine and he really wants to volunteer and go fly and now that he's done porn, they won't allow him to be a Marine. It's just so hypocritical!This is the scene Persia was looking forward to. Yeah, it's probably not right that Seth can't fulfill his career ambitions. But at least he's getting his cock sucked by a great woman! 00:41

Put It In The Hole!

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So Hott She Burns - It's time for Angel Hott to take some hard cock! Remember this was her first hardcore scene and she took to it like a duck to water, as we like to say over here. To be honest I think she preferred just getting on with the fucking than all this, 02:23

So Hott She Burns

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Hot Tits, Pussy And Ass For The Deadbeat - Some guys have all the luck. Take this dickhead, for example. This dickhead's a guy who's just not the brightest. He shows up late for work every day, and what happens? Does he lose his job, which is exactly what would happen to you and me? Does he get docked pay? No. He gets to fuck the boss's hot wife: 48-year-old, big-titted Porsche Lane, who should know better than to walk around the warehouse in a short-short skirt, fuck-me pumps and a low-cut top that allows her big tits to pop out. She calls the schmuck to her office, and he's stupid enough to say, 00:41

Hot Tits, Pussy And Ass For The Deadbeat

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Home Delivery - Horny housewives Brenda James and Joclyn Stone are sitting around one afternoon, discussing the young meat that Joclyn has been fucking. Both of these ladies are married, but that doesn't keep them from fucking around, which is fine with us, as long as they let us watch. Anyway, Joclyn is a very generous friend because she offers to share her young meat with Brenda. They come up with the oldest trick in the book to get him over to their place (he's a delivery boy at the grocery store), at which point they proceed to get fucked in every possible position. Yeah, in their asses, too. That's what friends are for. 00:41

Home Delivery

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So Hott She Burns! - Well you saw the 02:15

So Hott She Burns!

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Horny Housewife - This video answers the age-old question, 00:41

Horny Housewife

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Frozen Wastes Of Russia - This week we have an absolute stunner called Nataly Gold. Naturally, she is from the frozen wastes of Russia. How on Earth do they produce these girls over there? They are simply stunning and dirty as well. Simply sit there and enjoy a thing of sheer beauty! 02:41

Frozen Wastes Of Russia

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Nataly Gold In Action - This week we have an absolute stunner called Nataly Gold. Naturally, she is from the frozen wastes of Russia. How on Earth do they produce these girls over there? They are simply stunning and dirty as well. I wont even tell you what this, picture of innocence and propriety, has in store for you all out there... 02:51

Nataly Gold In Action

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Mature Milf Gets Toyed - Nasty Vibrator Stories. 06:07

Mature Milf Gets Toyed

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Oh, I Want Your Cock In My Ass! - You know what they say about MILFs and pool boys. Oh, you don't? Well, watch this video and you'll find out. When this scene opens, Raquel is laying by the pool, rubbing herself while watching the pool boy. She calls him over. 00:41

Oh, I Want Your Cock In My Ass!

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Horny Milfs Having Fucked - Horny milfs and young boys. 06:07

Horny Milfs Having Fucked

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Worship The Arse - Viktoria actually approached me and asked me if I knew where the nearest metro was. Metros in Budapest are so dammed difficult to find, you see they bury them underground, which is bloody inconvenient if you ask me! Anyway, feel free to salivate and ogle at the female form at it's most tempting! 01:48

Worship The Arse

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Breaking And Entering Jazella's Pussy - Beautiful, blonde 40something Jazella is lying in bed, playing with her pussy, while some dude wearing a dark, hooded sweatshirt with a stocking over his face, is lurking outside. When she's done playing with herself, she turns over and takes a nap, which is when this guy makes his move. He walks into Jazella's house (the door is open) and starts going through her stuff. But she catches him. 00:41

Breaking And Entering Jazella's Pussy

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Lewd Wife Handling A Jock Inside Front Of Hubby - The fact this her Husband is watching her while she is sucking some other guy's sausage inside that vid is Making this guyr hornier. 03:00

Lewd Wife Handling A Jock Inside Front Of Hubby

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Jamy's Birthday Surprise - It's Jamy Nova's birthday, and her asshole husband has forgotten it for the second straight year. So there she is, sitting in bed wearing some sexy, see-through lingerie, and there he is, stomach sticking out, snoring his face off. 00:46

Jamy's Birthday Surprise

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Mature Granny Fucking - Mix of  by Grannies Fucked. 09:00

Mature Granny Fucking

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Nataly Von Anal Action - The scene with our lovely Nataly is truly an example of those stories you read about alien abduction or a remote town being rained on by frogs. Here we have a total babe, met in a park whilst innocently reading a book and within an hour of this, 02:38

Nataly Von Anal Action

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Milf Hussy Ciera Sage Riding Cock - Milf hussy Ciera Sage bounces and grinds jucy fur pie onto great dick. 03:00

Milf Hussy Ciera Sage Riding Cock

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I See Mature Pussy In Your Future - You can say whatever you want about fortune tellers, but we think they're phonies, and we've got the proof right here. This dude goes to see Cheyanne and says, 00:41

I See Mature Pussy In Your Future

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Strange But True - This beautiful babe has dressed up in heels, seamed stockings and a mini-kilt and is being mercilessly screwed in the bum by your host Jim Slip. Could anything be more strange or weird? 02:40

Strange But True

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Mature Woman Gets Fucked On Bed - Hot Mature Woman Gets Fucked Hard By Her Horny Lover. 03:04

Mature Woman Gets Fucked On Bed

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Installation, Please! - A man tries to do an honest day's work, and this is what happens. Some blonde MILF slut wearing lingerie, fuck-me pumps and the tell-tale light-blue eye shadow starts vacuuming the house right in front of him, bending over and sticking her ass in his face. At this point, he doesn't care if she gets 200 channels or none, as long as he can channel his dark cock inside her pink pussy. The woman is Natasha, a 45-year-old divorcee from Southern California, and the role of MILF slut isn't exactly a reach for her. As for the dude, he does what all of us would do if we were in this situation, which is take his cock out and jack until she notices. She notices. Right away. 00:41

Installation, Please!

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