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Max Mikita - Max Mikita cooks up an all time favorite rocky road milkshake to put on her ass later. 03:01

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The Superstar Treatment - It starts out as something of a catfight, with some high emotions running through them, but as soon as they really dig into each other they realize that it's all a front for their real desires - becoming lesbo lovers! 03:15

The Superstar Treatment

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Hot Piano Student - Paul has started a new job as a piano teacher and Kate, his first student, is making great progress. As long as she is only required to play with one finger that is. But to her Paul is her great inspiration.. and not only in a musical way. 01:28

Hot Piano Student

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Bisexual Tour Of Prague - Ted was showing an out of town friend around Prague, also known as The City of 1,000 Spires, and decides to call on girlfriend Paula. She immediately senses the need in Karel's voice, a hunger that was rising from his loins and getting caught in his throat, a hankering, a hankering for bisex... 03:00

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Threesome In The Sauna - This lucky dude was just minding his business and relaxing when the sauna babes came to check in on him, and if he wasn't hot enough in the steam yet these bangin' babes are about to show him what the VIP fully clothed fucking service is all about! 04:00

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Slip And Slide - Michelle woke up in a really horny mood today. Before she went to work, she just had to play with her pussy and treat herself to a solo orgasm. Michelle rolled onto her stomach, popped her juicy bum in the air, and spread herself wide open. She explored her crack and the lips of her pussy with quick fingers and a deft touch, soaring quickly to the height of pleasure before stopping and starting again.  01:00

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Strap On Violation - Eurobabe superstars Tarra White and Stacy Silver are admiring their large strap-ons, and just starting to get into each other when an unsuspecting Samantha Jolie shows up and is taken on a rough ride by two of Europe's most messed up (and fashionable) chicks! 04:00

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